Around the World... a very simple game. All you have to do is avoid the obstacles!!


Made withUnity


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It was working fine with me. but i completed the game in 2 tries only with less than 10 seconds lol .. it was designed like that ? Good game by the way :) 

thanx but i didn't have time and this is my first game ever so it's ok :)

Happy to know that this is your very first game! Keep the hard work.

Thanx :D

Nice game!

but needs more improvment's cause it's too slow

you can check my game from here if you would like to ^-^

Thanx and i will

Too glitchy and slow  :( 

Because there is too much model's

Because there is too much model's

I got the same issue when we uploaded our game! we had to upload many more times in order to get it to work, eventually our game was buggy anyway lol


it's my first zanga lol